Winning the Mental Game PDF

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35 day devotional

The game of baseball is often forgotten as a means to enjoyment and fun. men pour their lives and souls into this game. It can rip apart those who have their hope between the foul lines. This small devo is a way to remember where our hope is found!


Stuff To Read


Learn from others doing this stuff


Dr. Bhrett mccabe

Bhrett has been doing sports psychology for years across all sports fields - and leading numerous teams to the highest levels of play. His website, the minside, looks to maximize the competitve mindset of athletes and high performers in any field. incredible resource.

Joshua Medcalf

Joshua is ona mission to love others, serve people, and add value to those he encounters. He founded the Train to be clutch (t2bc) foundation that

Bob Tewksbury

Bob has an 18-year professional career and is now a certified mental performance coach (CPMC). He works with many mlb teams and even wrote about about the mental side of the game. A valuable asset to any athlete looking for their competitive edge.